TOOLBOX: The Top Vetted Tools To Awesome-ify Your Marketing

People often ask me what the best tools are to get their email marketing program off of the ground.

Here’s your handy dandy cheat sheet to get you all set up with the tools that will make your life and business way Way WAY easier.

Oh, and I did I mention rack in all of the money money money? Just an added benefit I can throw in there for ya as well.

So grab a fork and get to chowing down on the Top Vetted Tools To Awesome-ify Your Email Marketing.

Action Guide: Boost Your Email Open Rates ASAP

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“Write a better subject line!⁠”⁠ ⁠
“Get more people on the list!⁠”⁠ ⁠
“Sprinkle a few emojis in there!⁠”⁠ ⁠

You’ve heard it and thought it. The elusive search to increase your open rates.

New tactics over and over trying to get more people to open.

Re-inventing the wheel every single time you put together an email.

I’ve been there done that while working with businesses from every possible industry (e-commerce, tech, solopreneurs, you name it).

With the tactics and strategies I’ve tested and implemented, I’ve been able to increase open rates for my clients over 20%.

It’s all in this FREE Action Guide on how to boost your open rates in less than 30 days.


  • A strategy that most people never consider (because it’s a little scary but immediately effective).
  • A Subject Line formula that will help you whip out high opening subject lines in minutes.
  • How to use emojis to your advantage.