PART ONE: What’s happening behind the scenes

PART ONE: What’s happening behind the scenes?

How much time have you spent wondering and trying to figure out WHY your emails are ending up in the SPAM folder?

Well, my virtual friend, wonder no more.

I’m guiding you through the steps you need to know in order to get your emails OUT of the SPAM folder and into the inbox.

Your subscribers SUBSCRIBED to your emails for a reason. Make sure they’re getting your offers and juicy content so that they will become your biggest fans.

So where do we start with getting your emails out of the SPAM folder?

The why. It always starts with the why.

Why are your emails ending up in the SPAM folder to begin with?

There are A LOT of reasons.

But before we get into what those reasons are and how they might affect you, let’s walk through a bit of vocab.